Presentation Topics

What is Breast Density, Why are Laws Being Passed About It, and How Does it Affect Me?
The issue of breast density has been gaining significant traction lately, with laws passed in Connecticut and Texas (and bills pending in other states) that mandate disclosure of a woman’s breast density when she receives her mammogram results.  Most women are unaware that if they have dense breasts, a mammogram is severely limited, and if they have a cancer it won’t be visible on their mammogram in half the cases.  This talk is meant to provide information about this issue to the general population.

Breast Density and the Referring Physician
This is a professional presentation geared to Ob/Gyn, family practice, and internal medicine physicians who are fielding questions from patients as the issue of breast density receives more media attention.

Why Following Government Task Force Recommendations Regarding Mammography Is Bad for Your Health
Confusion regarding the age and interval at which to have screening mammograms is rampant after the infamous USPSTF panel published their new guidelines in 2009.  The task force issued cost-saving public policy recommendations, not life-saving advice for individual women. This talk is geared to the general population, and will present clear scientific evidence to support beginning annual screening mammography starting at age 40.

When Should I Have a Mammogram, and What Should I Expect?
This is a talk for women in their 30’s and 40’s about when to start screening, what to expect, and how to make it a bit more pleasant.  It will also cover the issues of breast density, risk status for breast cancer, and additional tests that might be recommended for them.

Past Speaking Events

  • New City Kids community center, Jersey City, NJ, November 2010, “Careers in a Radiology Practice”
  • Richmond University Medical Center, Medical Oncology Tumor Board, April 2007, “Breast MRI 2007”
  • New York University, Grand Rounds, Department of OB/GYN, November 2005, “Breast Imaging and MRI 2005”
  • Nassau County OB/GYN Society, March 2005, “Update on Breast Imaging”
  • St. Clare’s Women’s Health Day, April 2002, “Breast Health”
  • St. Clare’s Hospital, Grand Rounds, Department of OB/GYN, September 2001, “Digital Mammography”
  • St. Clare’s Hospital, Grand Rounds, Department of Medicine, November 2000, “Breast Imaging and Biopsy 2000”
  • “Understanding of BI-RADS among referring clinicians: Do they get it?” Abstract presented at the May 2000 American Roentgen Ray Society meeting, Washington, DC
  • “Chest X-ray interpretation from PACS 2K monitors vs. hard copy digital film images” Abstract presented at 1998 American Roentgen Ray Society meeting, San Francisco, CA


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