Letter from Dr. Vitiello

Dear reader,

Dr. Stacey VitielloI’m thrilled that you are interested to learn more about my hot button issue– the early detection of breast cancer.  I’ve dedicated my professional life to pursuing this enemy, and I welcome the opportunity to translate my passion into useful information for you.

On this site, and in my blog “The Breast Diaries,” I will tell you what you need to know to protect yourself.  You will find:

  • A common-sense and practical approach to learning more about breast density, government task force recommendations, etc.  Conflicting, overabundant information will be filtered into easily understandable segments for you to read as they pertain to you.  I’ll include real case examples and cool images to illustrate the issues.
  • Down-to-earth analysis and commentary on new scientific information and current media coverage of breast cancer topics.
  • Links to relevant resources that I find useful for my patients.
  • Interviews with other doctors who find and treat breast cancer; conversations with patient survivors, and with women engaged in the many aspects of the fight to save lives.
  • My best advice, based on rigorous training and 11 years of experience, treating thousands of women in the trenches of clinical practice.  I’ll tell you what I know, and I’ll tell it to you straight, as I’d speak to my own patients, and to my best girlfriends.

My goal is to provide you with the information you need to arm yourself against this cancer, a vicious and horrible enemy that takes too many of our friends, sisters, mothers, daughters, aunts and neighbors before their time.  Knowledge allows you to become your own advocate in a health care system where competing agendas abound.

Welcome!  I am so happy that you’ve landed here.  I hope you find it useful.

Most sincerely,
Stacey Vitiello, MD