From the Breast Diaries:

Q&A : How can I find out if my breasts are dense?

By Stacey Vitiello, MD

  •    Don’t be surprised if your doctor does not know much about breast density. As the issue gains traction, the medical community will become more informed over time. For now, it is up to you to find out if your breasts are dense so you can protect yourself from advanced cancer.
       Your density information should be in the official report from your mammogram, so ask your doctor for a copy of this report. Do not rely on the form letter you receive from the mammography center; this will not include your density (unless you live in Connecticut, Texas, Virginia, New York or California. And hopefully soon in New Jersey). If it’s not in the official report, call the radiologist who read your films and ask them. It might take some legwork, but you have a right to know this!

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